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 <湯姆自己講>的概念來自於英文字 “MONOLOGUE”,意思是獨白、旁白。也表示所有發文、看法都是來自單一的角度,湯瑪士的角度。不過,歡迎您留言說說自己的想法,如此一來我們就能創造一些對話  “DIALOGUE”。城市總是充滿樂趣,啟程探險吧!


London | Food | Lifestyle | Murmurs

Thomas Chu is a Taiwanese currently living in London.

The concept of <MONOLOGUE. by tom> is as the word – “MONOLOGUE. Meaning every post, every thought is from one perspective, Thomas’ perspective. However, feel free to comment on what you think, then we could create some small chat – a DIALOGUE.

Cities are fun, let’s explore.

P.S. Apologies that the blog site isn’t bilingual at the moment.

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