Prologue. 開場白


每次朋友問什麼時候開。我都說快了快了。他們都回 “聽你在講”

用英文比較貼切 – I am a firm believer in getting your work done first before going out and talk about yourself.

現在準備好了,我會一點一點分享給你們我的經營模式,使用這個部落格的最佳方式與技巧,希望能以個人經驗給你們一些建議,製造共鳴,但是回到這個站名的宗旨 Monologue (獨白),本意就純屬於我的個人觀點,我看事情的角度。歡迎來指教,這樣我們有緣可以來段簡單的對談 – Dialogue.


I’ve been talking about launching a blog for a while. TA-DA! Finally, here it is.
Friends kept asking me “ so when the HELL are you launching your blog?” I always reply “Almost there, almost.” And they say “Yeah right.” This is one of the reasons I named this blog 湯姆自己講 in Mandarin (Sorry to non-mandarin reading people, this is a pun play on Mandarin words), just kidding though.

< I am a firm believer in getting your work done first before going out and talking about yourself. >
I think the core meaning is more closely described in English, that’s why I posted the same sentence in the Mandarin part.

Anyways, now that I’m done with the preparing work. I will eventually show you bits and pieces of how I run the blog, how to get the most out of this blog, how sharing my experiences might help you. Last but not least, although it could be none above, I just truly hope you enjoy my talking.
As we connect back to the blog name, this is a MONOLOGUE, so it’s intended to be my perspectives and my thoughts. Feel free to tell me how you think, then we could create some small chat – a DIALOGUE.

by tom

One thought on “Prologue. 開場白

  1. 因為接下來要前往倫敦,隨意查資料進到了這個blog


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